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Note: This post is still in the making.

I like making things that I’ll use, and I cook a lot. Recently, I’ve noticed that getting a pinch of salt or sugar takes more effort than it should - at least in my kitchen. My sugar is stored in a sack, in a bag, on a back shelf behind some pots in a cupboard. It’s not so easy to get to, but due to lack of space, there are not many better places to store it. Salt is a similar situation but more of a measuring conundrum pouring from the big Morton jars.

These dilemmas made me want counter-top pinch pots for easy access. I liked some online designs, but they weren’t EXACTLY what I wanted, and hey, I like making things. I decided to make my own.

Some initial design considerations came to mind:

  • Wooden
  • One-handed usability
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Large enough to hold more than a few pinches

From an earlier project, there was some scrap wood left over, so I constrained my designs to that piece and came up with the following draft design page. Ignore my crappy handwriting, drawing, and math. :)

Here’s the raw piece of what I believe is padauk.

After cutting into the two lids and two bodies:

I used a plunge router to make the cavity for the salt or sugar. The hole is big enough for all four pinched fingers to fit in.